According to the National Statistics office only 58% of Filipinos have a toilet that is not shared by multiple families, and yet 75% have cell phones!

The Philippines: Quick Facts

There are 19 People Groups in the Philippines classed as unreached with 14 of those with less than 1% Christian. A further 41 people groups are classes as having only a nominal church.

Country Director
Rev. Michael J. Williams

Our Missionaries

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Asia Pacific Media MinistriesAsia Pacific Media Ministries

Asia Pacific Media Ministries is the regional media ministry for the Assemblies of God World Missions. APMM is working in multiple countries throughout the Asia Pacific and Northern Asia Regions. The threefold ministry of APMM is: Training ... More


Bill & KimBill & Kim Snider

Bill & Kim have served in the Philippines and Southeast Asia since 1988. Bill is Area Director for Assemblies of God World Missions personnel in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. In addition he is Director for Asia Pacific Media ... More


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