The Philippines is the 'texting' capital of the world. 80% of all cell phone text messages sent and received on any given day are in the Philippines.

The Philippines: Quick Facts

81% of the population is catholic, although many of this number practice folk Catholicism, a mixture of catholic and animistic beliefs.

Country Director
Rev. Michael J. Williams

Our Missionaries

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Faith AcademyFaith Academy

One of the challenges facing every missionary family is the challenge of how to provide for the educational needs of their children. Faith Academy is an international Christian K-12 school primarily serving the children of missionaries working in ... More


Otho & JaniceOtho & Janice Cooley

Otho and Janice Cooley are under appointment with the Assemblies of God World Missions to the Philippine Islands since 1996, primarily on the southern island of Mindanao. The Cooleys served 19 years as Appointed Home Missionaries previous to their ... More


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