It is claimed that the Yo-yo is named from a Tagalog word for 'come' and that it was once used as a weapon in the Philippines.

The Philippines: Quick Facts

There are 19 People Groups in the Philippines classed as unreached with 14 of those with less than 1% Christian. A further 41 people groups are classes as having only a nominal church.

Country Director
Rev. Michael J. Williams

Our Missionaries

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Happy Horizons Children's RanchHappy Horizons Children's Ranch

Happy Horizons Children's Ranch is a humanitarian ministry of the Assemblies of God, Philippines. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of street children in the Philippines. The Founding Directors, Glenn & ... More


DwightDwight Palmquist

I arrived in the Philippines last January 10, 1972 and began immediately to travel to churches across the country. I am especially interested in unreached areas, though they be dangerous, and love to go to the far away places. However, I am also ... More


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